« Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them & it could be completely silent. »
— Unknown   (via msbanshee)

my to do list

  1. 1: you
Why Try
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: My Everything
Plays: 21,990 plays
Beautiful (feat. Justin Bieber)
Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen
Album: Kiss (Deluxe Edition)
Plays: 9,863 plays
(August 29, 1986)

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea Michele!

« I’ll reply when I’m not a piece of shit »
— me everytime i have a reply to do (via rejectofrp)
« I’m honestly not a bad person, my heart is in the right place; it’s just that my head isn’t. »